Pray for social sercurity disability to be approved

by Sarah (Rock Island)

Dear Lord Jesus Christ I beg of you to help get my ssi approved & I win my appeal for my disability. My family & I really need this because we have no money to live off. My husband wants a divorce & wants the kids & I to move out of the house. Oh please Dear God hear our prayers. I pray every day that everything gets better.

But just more & more bad things keep happening. My son just got in a head on collision & broke his femur bone in half. My husband wants to file for divorce & my brother just passed away. I can’t take anymore pain & hurt. I have been with my husband for 16yrs & I love him so much. We have four kids together oh please Lord jesus Christ please help restore everything & get my social security disability APPROVED. AMEN

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  1. My Heavenly Sister

    God will answer your prayers, not to worry. I am going through the same situation, and I came across your post, just like God to work a miracle like that!! Keep your faith in God, he will give you eternal life, life here is a limited time offer, so loo at all of the things that He has created and enjoy them. You are in my thoughts and Prayers, Gary

  2. Need prayers

    I have been working on my disability since July 7 2013, I lost my lose my job and couldn’t work anymore, I have so many ups and downs that really don’t know what to do with myself anymore, I pray everyday and night,I also need my heart feiled with prayer.

  3. Help

    Oh Heavenly Father, Please help me finally get my disability, I have waited patiently for over 2 yrs father, I have tried not to ask too much from you. I had lost everything Father, One daughter won’t speak to me, cause of her boyfriend, they have taken my grandson who I raised away, my husband divorced me, my kids abandoned me, all cause they were sure I wasn’t sick, sure they feel a little bad I’m sure, Im just so. tired father, Im asking for your help God for just me, I always pray for everyone else too, but today God, could I just pray for me, what my needs are, and I am asking God that It would be your Will as we’ll as mine father, Please thank you Jesus, I love you oh so much, help me to be more faithful.


    Hello, my name is patricia and i need prayer to win my disability claim, i have exhausted all my assets i need prayer to win, plus im due to have knee replacement surgery soon, i need help and prayer, please pray for my situation. Sincerely.

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