Pray for single people that have grown children because they get no breaks.

by Darla (Louisville Ky)

I am 55 years old. My three children are grown. I have worked all my life. God has blessed me with much love. The past 10 years of my life I have had several cars. It’s been a nightmare. When I get my income tax return I find a cheap car. They never last. I even took every penny I had and had a motor put in a car two years ago

The mechanic kept it until I paid in full for the used motor.It blew up within a year.The last car I bought with last years taxes.would not run.I’m willing to pay with my tax return again…but I’m scared. I have to have transportation. Oh Lord I don’t know what to do. I make half the money that I’ve ever made. I had to buy the company insurance because I’ve been without my needs for no chloreseral arthritis and so forth. I’m feeling so desperate and like I work physically hard every day
Lord God please hear my prayer.I don’t want to be a burden on my family
Please Lord I pray your will be done. Amen

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