Pray for Relationship Restoration with My Ex Boyfriend

Please pray that God will restore my relationship with my ex-boyfriend and help us to get back all the love, understanding, patience, happiness and joy that we use to share.

Please stop the negative influences/people that have damaged our relationship. For our loving relationship is a blessing for God. Please help us find each other and love each other unconditionally.

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  1. please pray for relationship restoration with my ex boy friend

    we dated for 10Years I decided to give my to Christ we broke up help us get back together again.

  2. Prayer for him to come back

    Heavenly Father,
    Please heal my hurting heart. I know only YOU can fix this. I’ve made mistakes i know i couldn’t make again. Restore the love we had and show him we were meant to be. I am lost and in despair to the point I no longer feel the need to exist. Snap me outta this GOD. Take away all that’s blocking us in his mind that’s keeping him away. Suicidal thoughts never came until tonight amd I’ve even failed at that. They say times heal. I feel I’ve run out of time. Mend my heart and soul for i know you have the only answer I’m just not seeing it today. I’m desperately trying to follow your lead by faith but I feel I’m loosing that too. I can’t go on. I need him but I know i need you 1st but
    I’m at my end. Please please FATHER HELP ME

  3. can God really restore the relationship with the Ex.boyfriend

    can God really restore the relationship with the EX.boyfriend . I really love my EX.boyfriend and I knew I will be his future wife but I don’t know y he had to stop the relationship .yet I have never done any thing bad to hurt him ,he says.

  4. Lord please restore my relationship with my ex boyfriend

    Dear Heavenly Father, may u please help me and my ex boyfriend get back together for I love him so much. I send u to him my Lords, annoint him, keep me in his thoughts,write my name across his heart. I ask this in Jesus Christ,your only son whom you gave unto the world to come and die for our sins, so as to be pardoned and also to give us eternal life.AMEN.

  5. Restore my relationship

    Dear Lord
    May heart is heavy and my eyes flood with tears, please restore my relationship with my ex. Heal him and fill his heart with love. May we all put behind us all that has happened. Heal my soul and comfort me while I wait. I trust in you Lord

    Thank you for answering my prayer.

  6. Jw

    Lord please help restore my relationship with my dughters father and let him back into our lives. For forgiveness that we both can forgive are wrong doings and have a stronger relationship. I love him and miss his so much it has already been too long witout him.

  7. Bring my love back to me

    Please father God bring my love back and make my heart Happy again. I love him and I have been hurting over the fact that he doesn’t speak to me at all. I have faith that you will bring us together again. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. Amen

  8. Lydia, Friday jun1

    Pray for the relationship, with my ex boyfriend, that we get back together. HEAVENLY father, I pray for my ex boyfriend , I ask you Lord, to Open his heart to me Lord like he once did, and I ask you Lord to keep that fire burning for me still in his heart. And his MIND and when he looks every where he sees me and only me, not this other woman, that he is with, father God, and when he dreams , let it be only me in his dreams, let him hear, only my voice calling him, let him think about me everyday, of his life, I still love him, like I know he still loves me, I ask you father God and I lift him up to you, Lord, let us be. Together again as soon as possible, and I ask you father God to heal his heart, and to heal mines, and to heal him in anyways, father God, and ask you father God I put you first in my life, and I ask you to change my exes life, and make him a godly man. In the name of Jesus, Amen. THANK you father God, Amen.

  9. My ex girlfriend

    Pray For the relationship , with my ex and heal her heart and mines and I pray that we get back together soon but at the right time I pray that when we get back together nothing can tear us apart again and pray that I never push her away let it be me she’s thinking about and wanna talk to everyday and sleep on the phone I put you first in my life and I ask for you to change my exes life and mines please god I really want her back in the name of Jesus amen thank you god

  10. my ex boyfriend

    Lord please bring him back into my life,let his mind be filled with his love for me,make him see we are meant to be,I know I hurt him and made mistakes I can never do again,please help us get back together asap.i can’t leave without him.i know he my future husband,lord take away every negative influence that is keeping his heart from mine.lord please help me

  11. Prayers

    Please God. Bring Sam back to my life soon. I thank you for his amazing creation and pray that the universe brings us together for our reunion. I pray that it’s a much stronger relationship and believe that we will end up married. Amen

  12. pray for the love I once had

    I pray in Jesus name for the one I loved so much to come back to me, I love this person and ask they see how much I cared and wanted to love and protect them. I pray he come to see how much he misses me

  13. My ex boyfriend

    Father Lord, I pray that you will open his heart for me again, he made mistakes and I forgive him for that, please make him see that I do trust him. Father Lord I pray that he sees the value in our relationship. Please God, I pray that you let him see that I am not worth letting go. I know that he is my husband and I pray that you will make him see this. Thank you father for answering my prayers. Amen

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