Pray for prosperity or a change for me

by Adrianne ()

What is this jet at my life sticking with me this way, I’m a Missionary and when I got saved that’s all I wanted to do. I have a question about how was I to prosper and how was it taking so long, maybe it was the set finances but now it’s gone, Why can’t I backslide as usual? I went to Atlanta earlier this year and everyone was so helpful I didn’t want to come back, but my legs where hurting and slow me up from the car wreck so I came on back thinking I had time to do whatever I had got told to do, this sure is belligerent life I had endured for the most part, the only thing is I’m by myself and I wanted to know why I got told to be a gospel artist when it was this negative. I believe in a professional impression if I went it, I may need to return to the father, the enemy didn’t want me to prosper in my finances when my oldest two children were little and now they are adult and they blame me for it even though I was a good bother one bishop out of Macon let me know, every time I try to have if it’s work if it’s to help out where I stay at something always try to stop me one way or two. I don’t know I’m going to make it all the time, that other is the reason why my family act funny with me too, so why is it allowed, so if you will please pray to let me know what I may need to do for money, I don’t hate anybody, this testing was rough at me though so help this to back since I can pray and conversation with him or see if on inviting is when he can only come, it’s me back.

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