Pray for peace in my heart

by Brenda H Gray (Dallas, Texas)

Lord Jesus Christ I pray to you to hear my voice and to help me understand my purpose of life, I’m so tired of being tired I just want to live for you and do what need to be done to help and reach out to other people’s, and to teach about the love of GOD.

Take out all of my anxiety and depression and stresses so that I can be a blessing to others, my mind and heart is in a lot of pain I need you to heal me , Lord a lot of my stress come from helping my 32 year-old SON out all the time, help me to let go and let GOD work it out because I have not been helping I have been holding him back from being a man, and it is holding me back from living my life I pray for him and myself to live a blessed and stresses free live in
Jesus Christ name Amen..

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