Pray for Peace in my Family

by Craig (Chennai - India)

Dear Lord Jesus, i come to you with deep sorrow and heartache, you know what i am under going. You gave me the gift of marriage, and you made it happen, but now my wife is showing her true colours now, she doesn’t respect me at all and her love for me has gone down.

She only wants her family, she is more concerned for them than me and my parents. I have done so much for her and still doing the same, but she doesn’t understand this and shows all her concern to her people who has not doing anything for her till date.

I am deeply hurt and upset about this and so are my parents, my parents is showing her all their love, care and concern, but my wife does not realize that. Please dear lord talk to her and make her understand, what she is doing and this is not the way a christian girl behaviours.