Pray for peace after losing job and for direction in finding a new job

Dear Father in Heaven, God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob… Creator of everything…, Head of all, and owner of all.

I ask now for direction my son who was just let go at his job. His boss was not clear on why he was let go. He had just been promoted, received health benefits, and gas card. It is very confusing to him as to why this happened.
I ask for your peace that you give, not as the world gives. I ask that you direct his steps to a new job quickly as he has basic financial obligations he has to fulfill. I also pray that he finds out why he was let go so if it was something he did, he will not do it at a new job. If it was due to any unfair situation, may he be able to forgive those involved.
Thank you Father for giving us your son, Jesus Christ, for our sins, and for the Holy Spirit to guide us through our day.

These things I pray in the blessed holy name of Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.