Pray for our relationship to be strong as we go through another hurdle

by Janera (Greenville, Nc)

Lift up my fianc and me in prayer. He’s a Pastor a there seems to

be strains outside of the relationship that has spilled over
into the relationship. We’ve dealt with him going through major surgery,
my dad recovering from a stroke, multiple deaths, our teenagers
facing challenges. He’s still recovering but he has his moments
where he feels his self worth as a man is lessened because he’s out of
work and disability has not kicked in. The many challenges has caused
him to be away more than usual, he has a big heart so he’s being there
for those in need (family, deaths, his son) and so have I. This is
causing us to have little to no time for each other, neglect has
shown itself. This has been going on 6 weeks straight. We’re praying
for each other but not with each other because of bad timing. Just
yesterday I found a knot in my breast and I called him, we talked briefly.
Keep us in prayer, that the challenges of life don’t negatively
affect what God has for us in this relationship.