Pray for our Lord to meet my urgent financial need

by Leon (Singapore)

Dear Lord and heavenly Father

I thank you for your grace and mercy. Lord you have blessed me with much but yet I have failed you.
Thank you that you have forgiven me in Christ Jesus. I repent of my sins and seek your strength and wisdom to deal with the financial issues that have plagued me. I pray Lord that you will provide and place my trust and faith in you, not on my own devices and efforts.

Help me to learn from my failures and to heed the prompting of your Holy Spirit.

Restore to me that which I have lost through my folly and Lord I pray that I will be faithful and obedient to your commands and will. May my testimony of your goodness and love to me during this time of difficulty be an encouragement to others you may be going through similar situation.
Lord how I love you and your people.
Thank you Lord, in Jesus name I pray.