Pray for our family problems

by Bernadette (Albquerque Nm 87112)

My daughter Denise love to use drugs I hate fighting Whit her we got in a big fight Tonie I told her some stuff I shouldn’t and her son worry about her all the time.she a very kind heart person and having.she really need u lord show the way your way.

I no Ian not all that but at least I try.lord for gave me for what I have said to her.but I really need a merical to happen here I need my daughter her with us.lord come in to our home keep us safe from all bad .I thank u for been here always.I love u lord.let us have peace in our home lord.or where ever we should go or be.

I love u with all my heart .send your Angeles to b right by our side at bed time lord keep your angels around us all way lord.

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  1. Faith

    Bernadette my prayers are with you and your
    Daughter you are a good Mother
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Invite your daughter but do not push her
    To come
    Jesus needs you!

  2. I know what you're going through

    I pray that the Lord will bring comfort and peace to your family. My brother went through drugs for 11 years. I dealt with it everyday including waiting for a phone call that he was dead. It was a very trying time but, my mother never have up praying for him. It took missing his daughter’s first birthday because he was in jail. That’s when he realized it’s not worth it. He straightened his life out and now is a spiritual man and lives for God and his daughter. I pray that she turns to God for help. I will pray for your family!

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