Pray for our family and our new business we lost our son in the Joplin tornado and I have suffered 2 heart attacks

by Terry (Checotah, OK)

Please pray for me and my family we have had a devestating year and need deliverance from the past and hope for the future. I lost my son in the Joplin tornando on May 22, 2011. He saved several people’s lives at the Pizza Hut on Range Line Road. Shortly after that I suffered not one but two heart attacks within a 2 week period. My wife had to stay home and take of me and she was fired for missing work.

When I was ready to go back to work my former business partner had drained our account and changed the locks on the door. I have opened my own business in auto repair now. Please pray for our business and for God’s favor we are having a hard time and feel like we are absolutely at the end of our rope.

Please pray that the Lord will give us his peace. Satan has been attacking us from every side. I know as christians we are not suppose to grow weary, but we are also human.