Pray for opportunity to fulfill my obligations to my family

Dear heavenly father, please bear with me as I learn to trust in you. In the name of Jesus I ask that you build my trust and faith so that I will be relieved of this anxiety that I feel constantly.

You have come through for me in the past and I ask that you continue to be by my side and help fight my battles. Open up the doors for customers to come into our family business constantly. Please provide result as we continue to work diligently to build our family business.

Father, please work on the hearts of those that send customers to us and allow them to see us favorably. Create favor for us in the hearts of the residents and stakeholders of the communities that we serve.

Please father, help me to fulfill my obligations to my family as the bread winner. Please do not create hardship before we see your favor. continue to provide us shelter, good health and prosperity in the name of Jesus. Amen