Pray for nosy/paranoid neighbor who love calling cops for no reason.

by Leila (Miami, FL, USA)

Please pray for me. I know it might sound petty. but it not to me. this paranoid neighbor next door to me. got this motion sensor light. may be hard to believe but it true. only detecting my gates, me and my car and gates to bring car in. the sensor light always come on whenever I come home late or early in the morning.

it so bad it does affecting me that think it drove me to quit my job. I still feel unhappy, restless, depress think mainly about the next door neighbor. now I don’t drive anymore my car just sitting there. notice they don’t use motion sensor light anymore in early morning. I did before try park my car further down the street opposite side of the street. I figure it wont come on since they find out that I park different spot. the light come on. I wasn’t even near their house at all. just making me bitter. what worse is that I find out my brother say peoples next door used to be police officer. I say so what law and rules apply to everybody regardless what they is. think they paranoid about me only. why. I test it out couple times to see if they really are detecting me. yes they is. when my brother come home late night the light doesn’t come on. only me. which I find it offensive. they know im not driving anymore so they turn off sensor light in morning. now worse. this no lie.

every time I walk to go out do something. that same day police officer would park front their house. not come out. just siren on with no sound. when I don’t go no where. that doesn’t happen at all. remember I have no job. so im always home and I look out window a lot.

even I trying to find me work. when I do go out I walk the opposite side of street nothing would happen. I try explain my mom. she say don’t mess with these peoples. not right just because they used to be cops don’t give them right to harass and invading my privacy. it like they doing it on spite. also I park my car on the front. when garbage day come they could just garbage cans behind close to my car.

when they have plenty space to put it. instead they want put it in our side look like we had 4 garbage cans. I know it public street. I just know for a fact that they are trouble maker and one big paranoid. please I been praying to god. make them move far away. they causing me bitter. im trying so hard just let it go.

I feel I cant even leave my home or turn on the light in bathroom. feel like my life just change. been thinking bad thoughts of them. wish they just stop or move far away or I move but cant move don’t have job or the money. so im stuck with it. this might sound cold.

I do wish my neighbor next door to me on the left move far away. please pray for me if you can. thank for reading this. have good day.

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