Pray for my wife and our relationship

by Jerin (Australia)

Oh Lord, please help me. I’m really in a big pain as my wife left me with no reason. We never had any fights or big arguments. She decided to leave me one day listening to one of her lady friend from work. Currently she is at her parents place. I haven’t done anything to harm her, never assaulted her. She doesn’t wanna talk to me or come back to me at this moment. I gave my life to her, I used to surprise her a lot giving her gifts, cloths, sports car etc.

She knows I love her anything in this world, but she’s not understand the importance of me in her life. Please pray for me dear brothers and sisters. Your prayers will support me a lot. I believe in God and Jesus Christ is my savior and I know he will definitely will work on her to make her realize that how much I love and care about her. I can’t think about a life without her. She is such a great and wonderful women. We always had great times together.

Unfortunately, she is been controlled by Satanic power. Oh Lord, please help us. Please. I know you love us. I don’t know how long I need to wait. I can’t concentrate at work or at home. I only like to read the bible and pray all the time. Please help me Jesus.

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