Pray for my wife

by Derek ()

I’m in the middle of a marital separation. We have been married 6 years but together for 12. My wife is saying she is wanting a divorce because she has been unhappy for awhile and she can’t do it anymore. I have already basically moved out, most my stuff is gone and we have split up bills and bank account now. Only thing left to do is sign the papers. We have had problems and grown into a friend and roommate mode. We have grown apart since we had kids it seems. We have 3 kids ages 2,3,and 5. My 5 year old keeps telling me she misses me and is wondering when on coming home, I cry every time she asks me this. Honestly I have had problems being the strong godly leader of my family I should have been. Our intimate life has been almost non existent. I’m worried she has finally gave up and wondering if she has found someone else but she says no. I am praying for peace, praying for the lords will in our lives. If it is the lords will I would like him to give us another chance in our marriage. I just want peace and understanding. I pray that the lord will surround himself around me and my wife. I have been praying a lot a reading the Bible. I am praying for her that she is doing the same. I want her to seek the lord In everything she does and be happy, even if it is not with me. I just ask the lord to come into my family and hand over all the problems to him. I was not meant to carry this burden alone. Please pray for my wife to see me the way Christ sees me, and me see my wife the way Christ sees her. Please lord god, reconcile my marriage if it’s your will, you have divorce, Please give us another chance and let us prosper like we never imagined with you in the center of our marriage. Amen

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