Pray for my teenage son from his addiction

by Hope (Indiana)

My son is 17. He is in trouble (yet again) with school and the law. He is struggling in all aspect of his life. He has turned his back on God. He continues to defy us (his parents) and authority.

He is increasingly belligerent, explosive, verbally abusive-using foul language, breaking things in our house, and dishonest. He has now stolen from us and others. He admittedly is smoking cigarettes, marijuana, spice and using alcohol. We suspect other harder drugs as well.

We have tried to do everything we can–have tried many times to talk with him and get to the root of things–he just blocks us out. We have disciplined over and over again. We have medical and psychological professionals involved, are in contact with his school and guidance counselor, have his grandparents and other family involved and praying. But still he continues on this destructive path. We have spent many, many days and nights on our knees praying for him. Entire nights praying, crying, worrying when he has left without permission and do not know where he is or if he is safe. We are ready to give up…feel so defeated…feel so hopeless…feel so heart broken for him….

Please pray for our son. He needs Gods divine intervention now. Please pray that God will give us strength and guidance to endure this difficult time.

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  1. I know how u feel...

    I also have a son on drugs. He is 24. I feel your pain, and I have also felt like giving up. He has been to rehab 3 times. The first two times he discharged himself, the last he was dismissed. I am scared, frustrated, anxious. But I live in the faith that God hears my prayers and my cries. I pray that the Lord will restore him to the respecting God-fearing boy that he was. Let’s not lose hope, let’s keep on praying for healing and mercy from our Father. Let us continue to pray, not only for the afflicted, but also for the families especially the mothers. The pain is immense and only God can ease that pain.

  2. reply

    I picked a random special prayer for help out of the many hear on these pages and it happened to be this one I will pray for u and your family to jesus and god and hope my prayer is answered for you your family and you son . I to am going through a bad time with worry for my daughter and am praying to god for help in her own life I hope u will remember her in your prayers too as I feel for your son and my daughter’s despair amen

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