Pray for my stepsister to turn from her sin and hatred

by Jeff (Ohio)

My father passed away 3 years ago leaving his estate to my stepmother. While he was living he told me of his plans and said he and my stepmother had agreed that when she passed away her estate would be divided equally between my stepsister, my sister and myself. My stepmother passed away unexpectedly last year and my stepsister was named executor of her estate. Since the funeral my stepsister has turned into a different person. She has become openly hostile to my sister and I and is trying to keep my sister and I from receiving our portion of the estate that was to be divided evenly amongst us. She has openly told people she will spend what ever it takes to make sure we don’t receive our portion of our parents estate. She’s trying to keep the settlement of the estate tied up in probate court thereby ensuring that what is left to be divided will be consumed by attorney’s fees. I believe satan is at work in this situation and is working through my stepsister to hurt my sister and myself and cause pain in my family.

Please pray for my stepsister to turn from satan and stop causing the pain being inflicted on my family. I pray regularly that she will turn from satan, giving her soul to Christ and realize the unnecessary hurt she’s causing not just to my sister and myself but to my nieces and nephews who are caught in the middle of this contention.

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