Pray for my spouse and I to become one again

I ask that you pray for my spouse and I. We have been together 26 years. We met and became friends and soul mates. We were each others support and came from a deeply devoted marriage. We have overcome obstacles in the past, but the past 5 years have been extremely difficult. I take responsibility for my inaction and not listening to my husbands needs to address financial burdens. I was complacent and our love turned to anger.

He is in pain and has requested a divorce. He has agreed to stay until our youngest daughter graduates next year. He is now being influenced by another woman and while I do not believe he has cheated physically, she causing more pain and damage. His pain is evident.

I am sorry for the pain I have caused. I have been praying and feel no relief. I believe deeply in the vow I took so many years ago and have recommitted on making my husband and marriage my first priority. The pain has become unbearable and I need a sign that my husband will forgive me and begin our healing process. I need obstacles removed and my husband to return to our marriage.

I need a miracle and I surrender.

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