PRAY for my son, Joseph

by EA (Texas - USA)

Lord God, I ask you to please come into the heart, mind and spirit of my son. He needs to follow your path before it is too late! He was raised in a catholic and loving home, but now he has chosen to ignore all the teachings of being a good person. My son disrespects and dishonors me EVERY DAY…he ignores and doesn’t seem to care if I live or die.

I am currently in deep depression and he states that I am crazy and that I need help. On my last birthday, he told me that I should have died on my birthday! He treats me as if I am a bother and a burden to him. We only have each other now, but I know he would be happier if I was not in his life.

For this reason, I pray to God EVERY night for Him to take me in my sleep. I hate waking up every morning to suffer in pain. This pain that I feel is not worth living for. I made so many sacrifices for my son…I gave him all my love and now this HORRIBLE treatment from my son is my reward. Every day is a painful reminder of how life is NOT supposed to be…I expected a different outcome; I raised him right, and I don’t know WHY he hates me so much.

Everything I have ever done, has been for him. I am alone and depressed and God is also choosing NOT to listen to my pleas….Why must I continue to live? Please God let me go! {The only reason I have not committed suicide, nor will I ever, is because I am afraid that if I do that, I will not be able to be with my loved ones…}