Pray for my son coming up court case Date on the January 12

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my son Is going to court case is coming up in January and my husband has given the District Attorney and the police a False Statement of so Lies against my son and the City they fired my son on the Lies against him and God bless him and Open that door for my son he He Worked so hard and my husband is a Narcissist person who is a Parabola and he is a On merciful and he is a Manipulative And a Conniving And he intense hurt me and my son only because my son Stood up for for his Mom because he was Drespecting. His mom and he will definitely do anything to Hurt me and my son I have been Praying To God for my Son go ahead and Dismiss this all of those unjusted and I have been praying for God to give my son the Victory and the victory over the City to see what God sees in him the Best in him and not the so that they can see that he has been on the Job since 2002 and for them to see that he is a good Worker and they Know that about him but they Listen to what my Narcissist person who has did Nothing but just lie and lie I have been crying about this every sent This happen on the August 4 2022 I says in my Room and I pray and I just Cry and Cry and Cry and I have been Begging God for His Mercy and his Grace to for my son and my Daughter and my Grandkids I don’t even get to see my Grandkids because they don’t know about what my Narcissist husband has done too Their Dad and its hurting them but my Narcissist person of a. Husband has no Idea what he did to My son and his Kids but he said that he don’t give a Curse word and he has no Felling for me or my son please please come in agerent. With me and my son
And my husband has been Domestic violence Towards me for years and I have been married to him for 42years and he has been having a Adultery for the past 4 years and I have been doing what God has told me to do about a Narcissist person who is a Deceit and Deceitful for me To be Kind to those people who have hurt you and God said that Vantage is his my strength get week but my Faith in my God keeps me Believing in his Words and in my Name of my Savior Jesus Christ is me and my son Defender and my son Defend and my God keeps me Believing in his Words and my Jesus Christ is me and my son Advantor I am so happy and please that you let me know that you are asking me about my Prayer I am so grateful for you all for taking the time to let me come and put my prayers in Thank God for you all God bless you all

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