Pray for my son and girlfriend

by Chris (Az)

Please pray for my 21 year old son who is finally doing well and standing on his own. But in midst of losing girlfriend because of unforeseen circumstance. Her brother committed suicide a week ago and her father died a year ago. Her mother is struggling to deal. Her mom is most likely moving back to Indiana from AZ. Her daughter (my sons girlfriend) wants to support mom even though she really wants to be in AZ with my son. (Then she will have no family here if mom leaves and she stays). They had a nice life together and with this troubled brother of hers committing suicide leaves much dilema for her. Pray for my son and that he can stand tall and be a man. Deal with his problems and get thru them. This isnt the end of his life, He is still young and merely beginning. He needs to keep his own sobriety in mind. I pray that the Lord Almighty Father will stand by him and give him strength to get out of bed every morning and face the day head on. Knowing he will survive. Pray for my son in the Lord Jesus Name

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