Pray for my son

by Fran ()

Lord I ask and pray that you bring Chris back home so he can handle everything he has to handle before he goes out on his own. Lord I pray Chris gets a real understanding about what’s important and what he needs to do. Keep him focused. Lord motivate chris to concentrate on saving his money so that he can have some financial security. Lord open his mind to following the financial plan I gave him to get out of his debt in one year. I don’t want to see him imprisoned by his student loans. Lord he’s a good son. He’s just can be a little stubborn at times. Lord renew his mind, body and spirit so that he can remember what the word says. Help him to continue doing a great job for his employer. May they recognize his great work ethic and continue increasing his salary. I pray this petition in Jesus name and claim it in the name of the Holy Spirit. Lord I thank you for bringing this request to fruition. Amen!

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