Pray for my sister in law please

by Lesley (Pompano Beach, FL)

Dear Lord, If it be your will, please comfort my brother and his children at this difficult post op time. Help his wife, their mother, and my sister in law to become stable despite the two coding episodes she has had. Whatever you choose, I know you know her work is not yet done and her children are not prepared to lose her. Please strengthen them and let this bring them all close together. I hope you will give the family a chance to bond and to mend all ill will and the opportunity to grow in love for each other and for you, as some have lost their way and need your care and protection so desperately. I trust that whatever occurs will be your will and you will give us all what we need to live in your light. I hope for her recovery so we may all witness your renewal of our family together. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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