Pray for My Relationship to Become a commitment

by Brenda (California)

Please help me pray for me & my partner. We’re going thru tough times and we need God’s help. Pray for us to fill our lives with our love every day, respect, understanding, fidelity, honesty, commitment and to get closer to each other and God.I would like for me and my partner to attend marriage classes and to live up to God’s teachings.

And when ever we have a disagreement we can sit and talk about it accepting each other fault and making changes to have a good and happy relationship. I pray that my partner becomes ready to commit with me and have a family and all temptations and space set of mind go away forever. Please keep us in your prayer! Amen.

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  1. prayers

    Please pray for me and my ex boyfriend, Daryl. We had recently broken up and it was a sudden break up too, no one had expected it to happen. He feels that he is too stressed from his work and can’t be committed in a relationship right now. Please pray that he will see that love can only bring you to greater heights, and not bring you down. We never had a huge fight, ever, and I try to be an understanding girlfriend. Somehow, his stress got the better of him and he decides to break up saying that “he has lost all feelings for me”. I don’t believe that he can lose his feelings so suddenly, he’s just blinded by the stress.
    I do love him, and I believe that he’s the One for me. We met on my birthday, and I believe that God brought him into my life for a reason. I believe that God will be able to heal my broken relationship with him, and bring him back to me. I have faith and trust in Him, as He is able to do miraculous things.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  2. relationship

    Please pray for Ralph and I to get back together. I don’t know what I did wrong, why he broke up with me

  3. for my partener to come back

    to pray for my partener to come back to me. l want my children to grow up with the father.We have a relationship for 12 years everything change and he want me to move out with the children. He doesnt come to see the children and to call the children. The way it is now we are like enemies. Please please help me

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