Pray for my relationship and love

by Brenda (Canada)

I pray to the Lord for a miracle to save my relationship to a wonderful man. He is away in another city and we have not communicated in a month. I have tried calling, emailing and am not getting a response. Please Lord may we both communicate and talk to each other soon. I need strength to be patient as I wait for this miracle. Lord I need to know if he still wants to marry me. If not I need him to tell me so I may heal and move on. I do not want to loose him Lord. I lost him once and you brought us back together. Please Lord let us get married. All I need is a phone call to reassure that our love is strong. Lord I pray for your guidance. Give me a sign. I pray that our love is strong and that you block all obstacles that may be in our way. I pray that he has faith in you and us. AMEN

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