pray for my partner who is suffering from brain cancer

Dear lord, please pray for my partner who is suffering from brain cancer. Give him the strength to believe in the healing power of god. Fill his heart with joy and happiness and release him from pain and negative thoughts. Allow him to feel love and hear god. Fill his life with positive energy and stop his feelings of dark and negativity.

Please we need a miracle and only you god can provide it. Command the cancer to exit his brain and restore cancerous cells. Restore his health and forgive him for his sins. Show him that there is time to change and there is forgiveness. I am deeply sorry and sad. I feel confused and alone, but I believe and have faith that when he recovers everything will become clear.

I Thankyou my lord. I know you will answer my prayers , for you know what is happening in our life’s. I need your blessing and forgiveness. I ask you for guidance. Help us. I truly love him and don’t want to lose him so soon. In you I believe. Thankyou.

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