Pray For MY Partner Raj to Return Home. He Has Left Me For Another Woman

Dear Almighty Lord I trust in you.

Please pray for my relationship with Raj and Yvonne to be reconciled. I pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit his heart can be softened and forgive me for causing him pain. We both caused each other pain and I begged the lords forgiveness .I have worked so hard and changed my whole attitude with respect towards him. Raj is such a wonderful caring and giving person .i pray for a miracle lord that his heart can be changed and we reconcile this relationship which we had for 8 years. Lord do not let my home break I Love Raj and we can get through this together.

On 12 January he left me to go and live with this woman Devi that caused endless troubles in our happy home..I have been praying sincerley for his return day and night and just feel hopeless. I trust and believe the lord will reunite us.i cry day and night, his absence is killing me. Lord please do not let another woman break my home. She tried so hard and succeeded.and she is a believer of Jesus. How could she do this.Jesus you said no problem is too big for you. I beg Father that you touch Raj heart right now soften him and return to our home which we built together. No questions will be asked but we will start our lives on a fresh note.In Jesus name AMEN