Pray for my mother who cannot breath well after a major heart attack

by Eric (London)

I beg you Lord Jesus to heal my mother who has suffered since being diagnosed with a heart attack in March 2014. She is suffering with shortness of breath and random pain in her left shoulder, arm and rib areas of her body over the last week, and I pray that you help her to heal and rest before she is assessed by her doctors in 2 days from today’s date.

I have prayed many Novena’s to all the saints such as: St Raphael, St Alphonsus St Dymphna, The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Good Remedy and St Therese, for 28 days consecutively, and I beg you to provide the answer to my petition so that she can live a normal healthy life once more. I

The stress is so much that I have also suffered with recurring skin sores on my scalp, upper body and lower legs and will also require your intervention to cure and eradicate this illness now.


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