Pray for my marriage

by Karen (Fresno, CA)

Dear God in Heaven, please let me find the words to help heal our marriage and my husbands broken heart. You know what we need better than we do. Please let him find himself and happiness again. This financial stress, the hurts we have caused was done out of our love and his own stubborn hard head to prove himself to his Father who was so abusive and has taught him to run from trouble as a protection mode. Please, help ease his pain and troubles like you have done mine. I just want my husband to come back home and be the wonderful loving husband he has been for the past 27 yrs. I have nothing but faith in you, in my husband and in my love for him. Please God, help me find the words that our life isn’t over and we can find our love again and the happiness we have shared. That is all I have ever wanted and asked for. I see the plan you have placed in my heart and I will not give up on you dear Lord, my husband and our love.

Please send your love and angels wings to wrap around him up and for him to forgive himself and me for what we have done to each other. Thank you for all you have blessed me with, I can not wait for it to come true. I see such happiness and love together with him, after all he holds my heart. Thank you for bringing him into my life and blessing me with such a wonderful loving husband, a hard worker, and very passionate husband who is head strong and oh so stubborn, but you know that since you made him espcially for me.. Thank you for bringing me out of depression and the happiness you have brought to me in these past weeks. Even with the heart break I feel your love and blessings, I feel you with me in every step, please do not forsake me now when I need you the most. Thank you for showing me how to laugh and smile again. You are truly wonderful and loving God who is so patient and full of love and forgivness. I understand it all happens in your time and with you I will calm my fears and worries of the tomrrows until tomorrow comes. In Jesus Glorious name. Amen