Pray for my marriage to be restored

by Liz Santoyo (Lynwood Ca)

Heavenly Father , I come humble to you, my heart is in distress my husband don’t come home God some days and he doesn’t want to say we’re he has been, he came home about 2 weeks ago and said it was over. We have been married for 8 years and have been together for 12 years. We have been thick and thin together.. Now he said that he has it done anything with his life that all he does is work work. Please God restore my marriage were live has been lost restore it, we’re there is no more patient put patient were respect has died put respect and were we lost the line of communication was lost build that line, please God sent the holly spirit open Adrian and change heart of stone into a heart of flesh filled with love ND patients, have him have change of mind in not wanting

To workout our Marriage. Put the seed of wanting to save our marriage. And for him to like u God before me. In the name of your done jesus Christmas I pray amen.

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