Pray for my marriage and my hard times

by Needgrace (Il)

My husband left me and our 2 kids to do truck driving. He told me he would be gone for 3 days but been gone for almost a month.

Keep in mind we were seperated for 2 years recently and he had been back home for only 5 months. I talked to him before he left and told him i felt that truck driving was not good for a person with a family and he left anyway. He was not working however he has a trade and left his wife and kids with NOTHING. I felt he should have found a job locally. Me and my small kids cry and are hurt….

He left us with nothing knowing my unemployment was cut-off. I pray that God send a life jacket for our marriage. I feel like he used me when he came back home.My husband has hurt me in the past bad, got saved, now he hurting me again. Im tired of him coming in and out our kids life. My heart is tired. He does not respect our marriage or do not care about whats going on or the way i feel. He thinks i just want to be right and i feel he is wrong….. but what man leave his family with nothing and go on the road and has came back yet tells me he do not know when he coming back.

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