Pray for my love and our relationship, that he see the truth.

by Vicki (California)

Please pray that the one I love stop being angry, and see that I have nothing but honest with him. I saw text from other girls in his phone, asked about it and he got mad at me for looking at his phone. Guilty? Actions say yes but I honestly trust him, but he won’t talk to me. He has made this my fault.

Texting girls is not the issue, I have guy friends, his not talking to me and always running away from even the smallest argument is the issue. Please pray that he not let his anger ruin our love again. Lord I ask you to please free him of his anger, make him see what he knows , that I have never been dishonest with him. I know he loves me as much as I do him. I ask you to please just let him stop being mad at me and feel only the love he has for me, make him see the truth in my words .

Please make him feel the pain of his own words so he know even in anger you don’t wish harm on anyone especially the one you love. I lost someone with hurtful words being the last spoken and I regret it everyday of my life. He knows this and in anger still says hurtful words.

Lord please make him see and bring him back to me before our daughters birthday he promised to be at, I have faith in you my. Lord and put all my trust and belief that you will take care of me and give me the strength I need , Amen

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