Pray for my little boy, Mikey.. broken hearted he’s autistic!

by Nicole (San Jose, CA , Usa)

Lord, in Jesus name. PLEASE I beg of you to help my precious lil boy, Mikey. He’s special needs.. they think autistic. Well Lord, I’m greiving the loss of my sons future. And worried about his devolpmental not progressing much, he’s going to be 5yrs old in few months here.

Lord lately it’s been deeply killing me inside cause he’s non verbal, a lot of everyday simple things is a challenge. Cause of a few factors.. 1.) No verbal communication 2,) He doesn’t like to eat textures, so I have to puree his food 3,) things he does in school, he needs constant hand over hand, with projects, puzzles, coloring etc etc.!!! SO sorry this pray is so long, so much on my mind and heart. It hurts that I can’t fix my Lil sweet boy, and always ask God Why would you do this to my pure sweet son?? Everyday, I wonder if my son will have talk, will he have chew food and normally?, is he ever going to be able live a some what functional lifr, and praying SO MUCH PLEASE JESUS, HELP MY SON!!! I BEG OF YOU, HELP HIM MAKE IMPROVMENTS, AND HELP MY MIKEY GET THE STREGTH, AND UNDERSTANDING, OF LEARNING, IMPROVING, AND HAVING A LIL of BEING ABLE TO HAVE UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION Skills, awarness, SAFETY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, ETC ETC ETC !!!!!!! THANK YOU IN JESUS GOD BLESS MY SON MIKEY IN JESUS NAME AMEN

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