Pray for my home and family

by Zechariah (India)

Dear Bro in christ,

Thanks for the advice and guidance that you gave me. Please pray for my home and family members. Pray for my wife Gracy, daughter Priscilla, Son Robert JJ and also pray for me. I have the following problems in my family kindly pray that all the problems may be resolved without any issues;-

(a) i need to pay Rs.6.5 lakhs as fees to my daughters education and the last date is already over.

(b) my friend has cheated me of more than Rupees 7 lakhs, he has taken away stating that i will deposit in stock market and give you much profit, but he has not turned back till now it is more than 6-7 months i dont know his whereabouts, pray that i shall get back my money.

(c) i have taken loan of Rs.10 lakhs i am unable to return the EMI monthly, plz pray that i shall clear all the loans without any trouble, right now i am facing much trouble.

(d) i have also involved in business kindly pray that god shall rise up my business.

(e) my son is possessed by evil spirit he does not study well he has no knowledge, wisdom, memory power & understanding.

(f) my wife always has doubt with me, she does not even like talking to my sister in law who is abroad, she does not like talking with any ladies, she has much doubt . pray that here all doubts be removed and also she is under the bondage of evil spirit.

At present my hope is only the Lord jesus christ.

Your bro in christ

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