pray for my health, marriage, happiness

by IGN (Lubbock, Tx)

Lord i come to you this morning for some guidance, i pray Lord that you give me the strength to stay in my marriage, i love my husband we have been together 12 years we have one daughter, but lord he says he loves me and that he will always be with me, but why does he keep making profiles on dating sites and when i ask him about them he denies them, lord i just dont know how much more i can take, i have Lupus and Fibromyalgia im stressed out and it makes me ache all over, i often wonder if thats whats driving him away from me, cause im always hurting. Please lord i beg of you all i want is to be loved by my husband and for us to be happy together, please take away all temptations he may have, please touch his heart and show him what a good wife he has and to not give that up. I cant do this alone lord i have tried so hard for so many years i do everything for him and he still does not appreciate it, please pray for us anf our marriage, all i ever wanted was to be happy and loved, i know with your help lord this can and will be possible.

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