Pray for my health and sins

by Phillip (Uk)

Please Lord. I’m sorry I have not prayed regularly, or been a good follower of your power. I come to you in my time of need! I need your help Lord to help me get results of good sexual health and forgive me my sins of adultary when faced with temptation! I know you and the Angels are powerful and forgiving Lord.

I pray for the strengh to keep my promise to lead a good life for my girlfriend and to help others everyday. I pray to you Lord and your just power of healing and forgiveness. In your name Lord I offer myself to you.

You are the giver of life and the taker of sins, you are true and kind. Please help me follow in your guidence. I pray for your strengh and your healing lord for my mind boday and soul! In you I trust. Amen.