Pray for my friend to and my relationship to grow into more than friendship

Dear Lord, I pray that God will open Ben’s eyes & see that his past relationship that he might want to try to work out was an abusive relationship, where she was manipulative, and abusive to him. That God will show Ben they are better off without each other & that can he can let her go & move forward with his life without her.

God will show Ben that I (Amber) have been there for him at his worst and at his best & I show him the attention that he desires and the love that he wants & that Ben & I are soul mates and meant to be. I pray for Ben to look at the big picture focus & he is able to leave his past relationship behind and focus on the future of a new life with me.

I pray that God will heal both my heart & Ben’s heart by allowing Ben to let go of the past & move forward with a healthy partnership with me. God will grow Ben’s & my relationship together stronger. I pray Ben realizes I am the one he cannot live without.

I pray to have Ben’s child & for a happy Christian family with Ben for the rest of our lives.

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