pray for my fathers healing recovery

by Faith ()

I ask for prayers for my father, Roy. He is about to be 72, his cognitive function has been declining for a while now and he is overall very weak. He has had 2 heart surgeries a few years ago which took a toll on him. He had a bad fall last Sept and ever since then he has not been the same in that his body has been breaking down quickly. He can’t do simple basic things anymore or even walk, he also has been forgetting how to eat or swallow. He was in a rehab facility for seniors 3 months and did not improve much so was sent home and his insurance will not pay for it any longer. He has frequent urinary tract infections due to his catheter, UTIs at his age can be fatal. He seems to have dementia or alzheimers as well. He is mostly bed ridden at the moment and he has been sleeping alot, hallucinates, gets agitated easily, has a loss of appetite which is unusual for him. My family and I really hope that God will heal my father especially his brain because your brain controls all your movements and give him more years on Earth in decent health. We look forward to a miraculous recovery for Roy In Jesus’ name Amen.

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