Pray for my family to be united again, and my child’s father to forgive and return back home

by Madeline (New York, NY)

I ask you to please pray for my family. My 13 year relationship with my sons father has come to an end. He says he doesn’t love me anymore, and has left the house. Now he has feelings for someone new. Please pray for him, the devil has been attacking him making him not see right, and having his mind so turbulent that he’s conflicted and lost in his decisions. I pray for his mind to be cleared, his heart to forgive and let go of any hurt and resentment towards me and for him to once again love me. That he let’s go of any demons that haunt him, and any past behavior that have continually ruined our relationship. That our child has the opportunity to continue having both of his parents in his life guiding him. And pray for me to continue having strength, courage and faith. That I become a better human being, a better mother, girlfriend/wife, daughter, sister, friend. And that Jesus Christ shine his light over our home and lives.

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