Pray for my family relationship

by Ren (San Diego CA)

Please pray for me and my family. I love my family dearly and have tried my best to be a good mother and role model but I constantly feel unappreciated and verbally abused by them. I can’t share the things they say to me with their father because I fear he would not be able to forgive them so I suffer the abuse in silence. I feel it is because they are hurting and choose me to take it out on. As an abandoned child life has not been easy for me but I survived and worked hard to become a strong, loving, wife and mother. I feel a deep wound inside because I don’t receive the love I offer in return. My husband has always been very protective of me but he appears to suffer with PTSD after Vietnam. So his condition along with the abuse from my three grown kids is at times almost unbearable. I’m an active 76 year old female that desperately need your prayers.