Pray for my dog Max not to suffer.

by Pat (Jacobsburg, Ohio)

Our Yorkie, Max, is 14 years old and very sick with heart disease, bladder stone, anal tumor. I pray for God’s mercy for Max and he doesn’t have to suffer, I pray for a miracle that we can have some more time with Max if that is God’s will.

But, if it’s God’s will to take Max to heaven then I pray his suffering is not long. He has brought us so much joy and happiness in his short 14 years with us. Max has been loyal, loving and so sensitive to our moods. I pray, Dear Heavenly Father, for this sweet little dog not to suffer. It’s in Jesus precious name we pray.

Thank you, Father, for sending us this very special dog that has made our lives so happy so abundantly happy. We were truly blessed with him being in our lives.