Pray for my daughter she’s being abused

by M (Rodeo)

Dear heavenly father. Please keep my daughter from going back to her abusive boyfriend. I feel that he is trying to win her back. I feel that he is going to try to harm her physically or worse kill her. I feel that she is under a spell to believe that he loves her when it is just beinh a set up. I fear for our all of our lives. I fear especially for her life. Every time that she is with him he beats her he has scarred her face and damaged her eye ( Maybe permanently) he has wrecked her car On purpose. Today I felt that there was lack of progress. She has been considering going back because she feels he loves her. He has tried to get her fired at her job. He is broken out windows in our home. I feel that he is going to try to kill everyone of us in this house. Please God give her the strength to forget all the good things he is done.please let her see the monster that he is. Please send him with love to go on his own way to find his own peace and happiness away from all of us. It is hard for me to forgive him but I will forgive him please let him go I want harm to be brought to him he is a human. I do want him to leave us all alone. Please I beg you to give her the strength to stay away from him forever. And please let him go away.. Please save all our lives. I will always serve Thank you Got for listening to my prayer in Jesus name amen.

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