Pray for my darling daughter

by Mother (Michigan)

My sweet darling toddler needs the power of prayer to save her. She lives a perfect charmed life, loved deeply by myself and her stepdad. But, her absent biological dad just came back. A drunken, abusive man, a stranger to her. He filed in court and was awarded twice a week to have have my sweet little baby. I cant stop crying.

My poor poor baby. He said hes so excited that hes going to bite her! I cant believe I have to hand her over!!!! Please, let the power of prayer shield us. Please stop these visitations from ever happening. Protect my baby’s innocence. Protect my family from all evil. Lord, let the nations pray in unison and cast a net of protection over us. Lord, cause satan to flee. Protect my daughter and keep her forever safe. Allow her to stay safe under my care. Enlighten me with intelligence to save her under your direction.

Forgive our past sins, we are on our knees to you. Lord, we need you. Only you can save my baby. I will fast and pray.

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