Pray for my current job (Lots of failure)

by Stanley (Bangalore)

Dear lord, What I am today it’s all from your grace. Thank you for everything. I submit everything whatever u have given me in the form of life, gifts and blessings. Thank you for giving me a good position in my current company. However You know what’s happening in my worksite, I am seeing failure one after and one. Lord I am your son, please rescue me from the shame which I am going through every day in n day out. I feel that I am in the edge of the destruction. I am completely blank what’s next! Lord in this situation also I am not trusting on myself or any human beings or any luck but I am just waiting for your coming and helping hands. You only can lift me out of this trap and glorify your name through me. I am just a clay but do marvelous and impossible things through you. Please fall your mercy on me. My Task given by the company is long way to go and duration is going to end. I lose or win, I thank you for everything because You hold my life. Bible verse says whoever comes in the name of Jesus will never be Put in shame, help me to experience this verse in my life, I will testimony my miracle in your presence.

Thank you for the Rescue and You are me Refugee.

your loving son,
Stanley. R

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