Pray for my alcoholic man to stop drinking

by Gretchan (Boise Id)

My husband is an alcoholic he was clean and sober for over 2 years and those were the best two years. About a month ago he relapsed and it has been bad when he drinks he can not stop he is not fun to be around he is not the same person as when he is sober.

He goes out and gets drunk and gets into fights. He goes out cause I do not let alcohol in the house and I myself don’t drink. He keeps saying that he had it and that he can quit but he hasn’t been able to by himself. What made him quit two years ago was the fact he got arrested and was locked up for 11 months. He did awesome for 14 months outside of prison.

I believe in the power of prayer I have been praying I believe it will help out a lot more if a group can pray for him as well. His name is Shadrach I want him to get the evil out of him and be the best man father and husband that he can be. I love him our kids love him and look up to him and they don’t need to see him coming home drunk anymore. God bless you.

I pray that Shadrach can feel Gods love all the time and that he can stop drinking alcohol for good. Shadravh needs to stop drinking and hanging out with the wrong people for himself for his health for his family and for his freedom before it is too late.

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