Pray for money

by June (USA)

Dear Lord Jesus, I reached mmi after my 3rd surgery. I pray for a financial blessing to be bestowed upon me and my family. I still am having problems after my 3 surgeries. I pray that the disability dr will reopen my claim and that another MRI be done to explain the pain that I am having. I am currently broke after my accd at work and having a cut in pay. I ask for a loving companion to be at my side to assist me as I have been alone. I pray for a good, honest Christian man to love me, even with my mistakes of the past. I also pray once again to have a loving family to call my own. I pray also that I will receive the 15% ppd as a payout in one lumpsum. I desparately need to payoff my bills I am behind. Please grant me what I so desparately need. Today I have a negative in my cking and NO MONEY for gas, food, etc. Had to pay rent late this month, need a different vehicle, am running a fumes. Please grant me what I ask for. I love you Lord Jesus. Amen.

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