Pray for Miracle Healing from Diabetic Coma

Urgent Prayer: My cousin, Shane, has been in a diabetic coma and on life support for 12 days. MRIs show brain damage. The doctors say there is no hope. They plan to turn the machines off in a few days.

My daughter, Sydney, has asthma, severe eczema, type 1 diabetes and SVT (tachycardia).

My father has COPD. My mother has chronic arthritis and congestive heart failure. My husband has disc damage in his spine from 3 car accidents.

Jesus healed all who came to Him seeking healing. He didn’t turn anyone away. He is also the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I seek the healing power of Jesus for my family, wisdom for the medical teams, and peace for the family members.

I praise God that He hears me, has the power and desire to heal us, and is bigger than any and all illness. Lord, please make me sensitive to Your Word that I might recognize your voice, know what you want me to do, and have the conviction to do it. Thank you.

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