pray for Miracle Healing for my dog, Coffee

by Xueli ()

Please help to pray for my dog, coffee. She is 15 year old this year and is having kidney failure and pancreatitis. I really regretted so much that I did not bring her to her regular vet and her other vets did not gave the medication which helps to solve the root of the problem and when I brought her to her regular vet she did drips and many medication was inserted in her but the vet told me that I must be prepared that she will leave me and that she has no medication for her and even ask me to tell my dog to go peacefully. She say that she has been holding on because of me. I know that she really loves me very very much and I also love her very very much!! I really dont want her to leave me and want her to be healthy again. She couldnt sleep well at night and keeps panting because of her pancreatitis and kidney pain and during the day she was feeling soo restless and have no energy at all to even walk and the drip is to insert a sharp needle into her underskin in order to get her the nutrient. I saw her situation like this really makes my heart soo painful and have no much appetite to eat at all.. I pray hard to God in the day and night and when she is in pain. Really please help to pray and intercede in her that she will have complete healing in her whole body and her kidneys will be functioning again and also her pancreatitis will be cured. I really trust in the Lord Father Jesus Christ that He will create miracles on her. Please help to pray and intercede for her health and condition and will truly very very grateful for your kind help to us. Thank you very very much!

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