Pray for me.

by Phylicia (Dover DE Kent County)

Good morning to all God children. I would like to appreciate all whom will take the time to pray for me, and my future. I would like a prayer for my job that I am going to have an interview at on Monday the 26th. That I may get this job. I have been going threw alot of things for the past 4 months, because of unemployment reason, and I have been having alot if time on my hands, and have been getting into some trouble. I believe if I get this job that the people will look past my past issues, and give me this job, because it will save my life. I just need a second chance, and I know that I will be a candidate for this job. Just pray for me everybody whom read this I’m ready to give back to the kingdom of God. I hope everyone have a bless day in the name of Jesus our God Amen. Thank You Sincerely yours truly.

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