Pray for me/us, losing hope

by Ashley ()

Please pray for my relationship, I am really starting to lose all hope. Things have been so hard for so long and I feel as if I have been holding on for dear life and yet nothing is better, or easier and I am starting to doubt that there is even another way. I feel so lost and confused to the point that just life hurts, my brain is such a scramble that I can’t fully think about 1 thing, I feel like even when I pray and I am begging God for some relief I somehow get sidetracked and scrambled. Please help me! Bring healing and comfort to my mind. Heal my relationship, let us reconnect, give us love, intimacy, and friendship again. Help us to remember why we fell in love in the first place and remember all the good things about one another not just the bad things. Remove any evil temptations or strongholds from our lives, family, and relationship. Help us be one again and be stronger than before. Let us get ahead, let us move forward and really build and get out if this stagnant ugly rut that we have been stuck in. Bring us closer to you Father God as a couple, family, and individuals. Soften our hearts and open our minds. I am begging this of you Father God please help. Thank you! Amen

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